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Women on Fire has a shop and a 'tickets' page for our events. We request online payment for both events and items via credit, debit cards and there is the facility to use Paypal accounts for items. Tickets will arrive by email and items delivered within 3-5days of placing an order. We do not provide refunds, but in the case of Tickets, we can re-assign via Eventbrite your ticket to another person if you ask us to.  


Women on Fire aims to create a helpful, friendly and informative community to enable projects and causes to link up and to provide a range of opportunities to learn, network and intelligently exchange information. Projects and causes are those for and about women and initiated or/and founded by women.
We invite you to be polite, respectful and helpful members of this community. 

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Women on Fire values the privacy of our members and customers. We do not sell or share your personal information via a membership list or customer list, to other companies, agencies or partners.
We collect some information about you  - we want to know who our audience is in general terms and what cities they live near to.
If you join our mailing list, your email address will be used to send you notices of Women on Fire events or/and promotions (see below)


Women on Fire will email our mailing list registrants to notify them of a new event, an aspect of the site, or a new product/service. We will do this considerately.

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This site contains links to other sites we think you may find interesting. Women on Fire is not responsible for their privacy practices, editorial content, social conscience etc. We do appreciate notes about broken links.
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