TINDERBOX meetings begin with a deep, luxurious silence. You are invited to sit quietly and sink into the stillness. Such a wordless, impersonal sharing is a great foundation for tapping into the fundamental note of your own being. It also helps to make the shaman-led practice of connecting with core fire, in both the earth and you, a more profound and memorable experience.

We are cultivating connecting to each other via the earth. Please come if you'd like to join a standing wave of stillness, and to be part of its creative potential. It seems that men and women respond differently to this invitation. Or they start from a different place (no surprise). So we are continuing to hold separate evenings for men and women.

Each TINDERBOX also provides an opportunity to meet with others, to share and to offer our collective firepower to particular causes and projects. Meetings are open to all. We'd love it if you brought along friends and colleagues.

You are invited to make donations towards the work of Women on Fire either online or on the day as your Ticket. For that our grateful thanks. 

For more information on why Women on Fire is working with men please read on.

The ethos behind TINDERBOX meetings  

"The outstanding quality of wise men and women," writes Judith Seelig, "is their ability to listen without prejudice. It's quite rare. Most of us watch, hear and read about other people and their opinions through a thick screen of self-made values and opinions. What we think and do is very often what we think we are. Period.

I'm interested in the state of being. I suggest that wise decisions arise naturally from a still, deeply listening state, from which proper action grows without pushing, shoving or asserting.

It's not just listening to other human beings. There are all the voices of nature, of our environment, from which to learn.

The quiet, non-active, receptive, feminine part of ourselves, whether one is male or female, needs nourishing. The busy personality quietens when it has somewhere safe and pleasant to rest. Connecting to the fire at the earth's core and finding a natural, supportive place that requires nothing from you is a good feeling. This was fundamental to the genesis of Women on Fire.

You don't need much of this "being" to balance out frantic "doing".

By inviting men to connect with the fire, and to nourish the feminine, receptive part of themselves, we are addressing the divide from both sides. The Men Only TINDERBOX meetings have been remarkably rich, both in the quality of silence and stillness, and in the discussions."

Women on Fire

Women on Fire