1. Out breath Stand with your feet firmly on the ground or sit with your spine upright. If you're STANDING imagine roots extending down from your feet into the earth, travelling deeper with each exhalation. If you're SITTING breathe roots down from the base of your spine and from the two sitting bones. With each out-breath travel in your mind's eye deeper, past the earth's surface, to connect with the molten fire.Take your time. As many breaths as you like, always descending. You might even sense the pull of gravity on your body. When you're ready, take a deeper breath and shift to step two.

2. In breath Bring your attention to your sacrum, that bony plate of fused vertebrae in your lower back that connects the two hip bones. Imagine this part of you directly receiving, with each in-breath, love, warmth, a lightness of being or just raw energy. Make your bone receptive. Continue to draw into the sacrum with each inhalation until you're ready for step three.

3. In and out breath Return your focus to the fire in the earth. On each in-breath draw the fire up to fill the bony parts of your pelvis. As you breathe out, invite the fire to flow forward and fill the soft parts of your pelvis. Breathe in and out like this for as long as you like, charging the bones on the in-breath, firing the soft tissue on the out-breath.

4. Giveaway Invite the fire to move. Don't contain it or try to make it yours. It can rise up and fill your heart, voice, intellect. Or out to meet itself in another female form. The fire might flow back into the earth to rise again elsewhere. Give away. Allow yourself to be fully empty, so that you can receive, again and again.




Women on Fire

Women on Fire