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Here's the page for stories. Please send them in. We'll share anything which inspires, uplifts, informs, delights and encourages women to think "I can... ", "how wonderful" or quite simply "YES!"

We have some to start: 


Have you ever thought about what makes one pair of knickers exquisitely comfortable? It’s almost certainly the cut, the softness of the fabric and the fact that you and they are a perfect match.

We have teamed up with couture lingerie designer Emma Kidd of Emiliana Underwear. Emma is cutting beautiful shapes from unwanted stretch cotton clothing and presenting them as handmade underwear for you to buy online or in person at the Women on Fire event, or in kit form for anyone who wants to get the feel of how the perfect knicker is made.

Each pair is finished with stretch lace and ribbon bearing the image of the women on fire logo. 

Make your Own

The knicker kit comes in a choice of two designs: bikini and a shorts style. The fabric is hand cut by Emma. You'll get the lace, the ribbon, a reel of Gutermann thread (100m) and full instructions. All you need is scissors, pins (optional) and access to a sewing machine.

There's enough cotton on one reel to make at least 4 pairs of knickers, and there's also clear instructions on how to make a paper pattern from the pre-cut material. You could begin your own cottage industry, either alone or as a collective with just a few kits.

Sizes are from 8 to 18 (please note Emma's sizes are generous compared with high street stores). A Women on Fire knicker kit costs £12 plus £1.95 p&p. Hand made to order Women on Fire knickers cost £18 plus £1.95 p&p. Order both using this form.

From What are they Made? 

Any stretch cotton clothing such as T-shirts and vests with a minimum of 2% elastene (check the label). So please donate your unloved, unwanted stretchy clothes. If you can persuade your friends to do the same, so much the better. Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the address to send parcels to.

The charge for Women on Fire kits and made to order WOF knickers covers Emma's time and costs. Emma also helps with other ethical knicker initiatives such as whomadeyourpants, a women's cooperative based in Southampton, and is interested in helping women set up handmade, up-cycled underwear-making groups in their local community, both in the UK and overseas. Please let us know if you would like to develop similar projects.

When you hand in your ticket on Easter Saturday you can pick up a copy of Trenna Cormack's book Be the Change (normally priced £12.99). This is a collection of interviews with people who are actively changing the world. Some are famous, others well known only in their field. They're all inspirational. If you want to take the book away, please donate at least £1 to Kids Company and/or Trees Have Rights Too. We'll make that easy...there'll be lots of clearly labelled buckets ready to receive your coins.

Women on Fire

Women on Fire