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Q Why women only?

Women as decision makers constitute humanity's biggest underused resource as we hurtle towards wholesale destabilisation of the very environment that makes human life possible. Women prioritise differently. And even though many of us are intuitive, smart, loving and wise, we still have a tendency to yield to the masculine way in the company of men (see LETTER TO MEN).

Q Why are you having a Men Only event?

To listen to the men who are interested in strengthening feminine principles - the receptive, contemplative, instinctual  side of things - in the male world. To contemplate the power of tenderness. To see if those men feel if women have taken command or control of those fields. We'll share our findings via this site!

Q Why don't you profile your team?

Because it's the run of fire linking us that's important, the creativity bubbling up differently in each individual. If we made any one person significant we'd risk losing the flow. Of course it's faltered, got stuck, got re-set and faltered again, but we've kept true to the ethos and got better and better at operating like this. For such a small team our output has been considerable.


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Women on Fire

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