Hello, Women on Fire is about togetherness.

When you read those words, you might think, “well, that’s her/their idea of togetherness”. Actually it’s not an idea, it’s a vision.

Such a commonplace word, vision. It means what you see, or see in your imagination, your “mind’s eye”. But it’s also what is given. There now, I’ve revealed myself. What will you think of me, or of the project I am steering? I have visions.

In the past I followed those visions to remote places on earth. I mostly travelled alone, relying on local guides to show me the last part of the way. Sometimes this was pre-arranged, and when not, another human being would come out of the shadows to guide me. Some of them, I later discovered, knew I was coming. They too had visions.

I call myself a shaman, though in truth I’d rather have no label at all. It’s a word that’s getting used more and more, though few, if any, Western cultures have honoured shamanism. So it’s anybody’s guess as to what that word means to you. I know I risk prejudice, dismissal or misunderstanding when I use it. I didn’t want to be a shaman. It followed me around, messed with my everyday life, leapt out at me through total strangers, altered my way of seeing and of being me, until I gave in. If I tell you what happened next, you’ll hear in those words what those words mean to you. So the only way I can accurately communicate the vision is through the love that made it. Here goes…

What the world lacks is tenderness.

All of us, men and women, are capable of tenderness, although oestrogen levels in menstruating women might give us the edge. As with all things, including peace, tenderness begins with yourself. So no matter what state you are in, no matter the difficulties, be gentle to self. Do you not want to love and be loved? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t so far. Or if you judge yourself, and others. Or that you regret. All you can change is you. You can only make the changes now, in this moment. So let’s be tender with the past and start something new.

Women on Fire offers you a neutral starting place.

Gravity makes sure that every woman on earth is literally walking, lying or sitting on the fire at the earth’s core. That fire is less than 4,000 miles beneath us, which is closer, for example, than Delhi is to London. Why choose the fire at the earth’s core? Because it partners the sun, yet is rarely acknowledged. The movement of our ever-rotating planet combines with motion in the fiery core to create the atmosphere that deflects back out into space much of the force of the sun. There would be no life on earth without it.

A neutral starting place is fundamental to wholesale collaboration. Women who come together around belief will find difference. We easily fall in with those whose beliefs we share or like, and form opinions or judgements about those we don’t. There will be difference too around the heart, the place of passion, love, tenderness. We express that uniquely, in our own variously beautiful ways, touching some, but not others.

In what way are we women all the same and different to men? Generally we have a different body chemistry, orchestrated by our hormones. Generally we use our brains differently. But there’s one difference that’s common to all women. We have a different bone structure, and a different point of balance in the upright. There are two places in the human skeleton where the difference between gender is most marked: the brow and the pelvis. The bone structure of a woman’s pelvis has evolved to support us in movement and allow for a growing child and its birth. If you translate into sound the proportions of our skeleton, the ratio of bone to bone, then the sound of a female pelvis would strike a very different note to that of the male.

That’s where we women are all the same: in the shape, the sound of our bone structure. Most especially in the part that is designed to create the new. It doesn’t matter if you can’t hear that sound, or even sense it. We can still join hip to hip, womanliness to womanliness, young girl to grandmother, mate-seeker to the sexually retired. You can translate that if you like as the divine feminine in her many forms.

When I step forward to say “I am a shaman”, knowing for myself what that means, then if and when the world out there mocks or belittles, that part of me that is love stands unmoved and is ever beautiful. In you too, however or whatever you reveal as yourself.

Women on Fire will offer you support, encouragement and perhaps new ways of seeing. Join us, share with us all your moments of stepping forward, come to listen, to be uplifted, for inspiration, but mostly for a tender togetherness. For love. That it may be contagious and heal our fractured human world.

Judith Seelig    February 1st, 2011

Women on Fire

Women on Fire