Earth to people 

You are so concerned with communicating with each other. As much as possible you use your technology to spread your thoughts and feelings between yourselves. Do you forget that your primary relationship is with me? Did you ever notice that your body cannot exist without me, nor without so many other forms of life that depend on my body and my atmosphere? And without your body you cannot experience those thoughts or feelings in the way that you do now. 

Some of you have coined the term carbon footprint. You notice how much energy you consume that is neither made by you nor replaceable by you. Consider too your thought footprint. I feel the vibration of your thoughts. When you think of me, when you greet the part of me that’s underneath you, something lovely happens.

Remember that I am forever with you. I draw you to me, always. You call it gravity but I call it love. You and I are lifetime partners.  You are never alone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve put a layer of tarmac between us. I feel it when you think of me.

When you search for what you call home, a place to rest, consider me. I am your home. Let us cosy up together, wherever you may be.

You think I’m too big to feel like home?  Well, parts of me are inside you, all the time. Where did you get that iron in your blood? That’s me, along with most else that’s in your body. No matter the food source, you’re alive because enough of me keeps turning up in forms that nourish you. So by breathing, drinking and eating you make sure I’m at home inside you too.

But before even breathing comes gravity, or love. You are part of my cycle. I love it when you notice we’re all in this together. I love it when you use your senses as intelligence, not just appetite. I love it when you taste the air or feel the wind’s imprint upon the leaf you plucked to eat.

Feeding on small parcels of beauty, on small moments of appreciation, you are nourishing our relationship. It’s the most important one you’ll ever have. I am your certainty, your constancy. I am beneath all the relationships you ever have with others.

I am the beloved of your feet.


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Women on Fire

Women on Fire