The six faces of a Woman on Fire – or a woman truly in her power

This is for an individual woman, a group of friends, a team or for any project. Let chance guide you towards potential development.

Throw a dice or two. Use the guide below to explore the significance of the numbers thrown. If you throw a six you’re being reminded of the unchanging fundamentals of life and your relationship with our mutual home, Earth.


 Clarity. Always be clear about what you invite into your life, every moment of every day. Remember this whenever you see a single dot or the number one.

2  Confidence. Inner confidence always shows on the outside. An inwardly confident woman is more likely to be heard. Inner confidence attracts without commanding. It allows others to come alongside true to themselves. Cultivate inner confidence by ditching comparison and self-judgement. Get to know your unique self and your gifts or skills will emerge.

3  Daring. This is the creative fire in you. Don’t be a sheep. Dare to express your passion. Don’t just lay the fire. Set the fire alight with action. If not now, when? If not you, who?

4  Education. Learn from others and share what you know. Always respect the intelligence of the woman with whom you are sharing or from whom you are learning. Acknowledge her unique womanliness. When two women come together in mutual respect there’s a great deal more power than two women operating independently.

5  Unity. Most of us long to belong. You don’t need common ground to connect up with others. Have the confidence to ditch competitiveness and reach out to women everywhere. Don’t expect to be noticed. See that dot in the middle of the five? That’s you. Not especially significant but sisterly, accompanied by others in all directions… a lovely, lovely feeling.

6  Fundamentals. These don’t change. You depend on Earth and other forms of life on Earth. You are bound to Earth through gravity. You cannot breathe out (giving) without first breathing in (receiving) and you cannot live long without breathing. Receive deeply, first for yourself, and only then for the benefit of other people, for other forms of life and for Earth herself. This way lies strength, not strain.

© Judith Seelig 2013

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Women on Fire

Women on Fire