Q&A Session

Paddington Campus, 28th November, 6.30pm


Dear Woman/Man on fire,


Women on Fire was established some years ago by to nurture and promote the strengths of the feminine. Which of course means the strengths of women, but also that of the feminine in men.


Our next thoroughly unorthodox Public Enquiry is on Tuesday, November 28th at 6.30pm in the Boardroom of the Paddington Campus, City of Westminster College.


We very much hope you can come, perhaps to listen or, better still, to ask a question. Any question, about anything. No preparation needed. This is purposefully without direction. What arises spontaneously can open up parts of ourselves barely known, yet perhaps exactly those parts we need for a more inspired immediate future, and happier prospects for us all.


This is not the realm of phantasy. It comes in part from a very exciting and fruitful ongoing experiment with a small group of around 35 people that is so enriching lives we’re looking for ways to grow it.


Our first Public Enquiry was lively. If you were present please do return with fresh enquiries. We’ll keep to the same simple format: ask a question and Judith will offer answers. This may sound absurd, as if we are setting up Judith as some kind of oracle. But she has a knack of answering from the impersonal. Time and again this process shifts perspective, alters a familiar landscape, and pulls out hidden wisdom and understanding in the questioner.


This event is open to women and men. Numbers are limited to 35. Bring your friend, partner, maybe even adult daughters and sons.  The format will be strict. No statements, but any question, simply put, on anything you like. 


We'll be starting promptly at 6.30pm so please be on time. To register (£15/8) click here or go to TICKETS to ensure you've a place.


Women on Fire

Women on Fire