Q&A Session

Paddington Campus, 28th March, 6.30pm


Dear Woman/Man on fire,


Founders Judith Seelig and Lucia Bardoul have not died, lost interest in Women on Fire or gone to ground. But we have both plunged into circumstances that sharpen the enquiry ‘what counts, what matters most, what most makes the difference now, in our time?’


Lucia had a few close encounters with death, including the possibility of her own. Judith has been working in an intensely focused way with small groups of women and men (max 35) to unravel the habits, beliefs and practices that apparently limit our personal and collective potential. Of course this is ongoing work. Each new person brings a different perspective, a fresh understanding of potential and of self-limitation.  But already, two and a half years on, the effects upon the lives of participants, their relationships, the ways in which they work and what they bring to the world, have been remarkable in a very positive way.


How to share this with more people? We don’t know.  How to make Women on Fire a vigorous platform for debate and a resource for women? We don’t know. But perhaps you do. We’d like to make space for all that’s not quite clear in your mind, to frustrations, limitations, outrages… everything that seems not to have a field of expression or an outlet. But we’re adopting an unusual tactic. Bring only questions. Not statements, nor stories. Nor opinions. Just questions. About anything. You don’t have to prepare. Perhaps just listening to others a question will spontaneously arise.



Please join us on Tuesday March 28th for our evening of enquiry in the Board Room of the Paddington Campus, City of Westminster College.


The format is simple. Ask a question and Judith will provide answers. Now this may sound absurd, as if we are setting up Judith as some kind of oracle. But she has a knack of answering from the impersonal. Time and again this process shifts perspective, alters a familiar landscape, and pulls out hidden wisdom and understanding in the questioner.


This event is open to women and men. Numbers are limited to 35. Bring your friend, partner, maybe even adult daughters and sons.  The format will be strict. No statements, but any question, simply put, on anything you like. 


We'll be starting promptly at 6.30pm so do please be there on time. To register (£15/8) click here or go to TICKETS to ensure you've a place 


Women on Fire

Women on Fire