If you like the idea of an intense 24-hour experience of the sensual, earthy you, just in the company of women in a miles-from-anywhere location in Devon, Women on Fire has just the thing.

We’ll be at Embercombe, 50 acres of woodland, wilderness and organically cultivated land with a lake and views over Dartmoor National Park. It’s the perfect place to invite you to learn from the power beneath your feet. Come to connect with the energy of Earth. Come for self-nourishment, for wild, barefoot freedom and for the sharing of womanly wisdom. Learn how to charge your own energy circuit through gratitude and to power up collective female strength through joy.

The event begins at 3pm on Saturday, 28th September (arrive 2pm onwards) and closes at 3pm on Sunday. It will be led by Judith Seelig, founder of Women on Fire, shaman, teacher of yoga with sound and eccentric facilitator for change.

Women on Fire at Embercombe is open to all women, including those caring for young children – please bring them too. You can come for the whole weekend or for the Saturday or Sunday alone. Non-participating partners of either gender are also welcome.

This weekend addresses the FUNDAMENTALS of a woman truly in her power, and as such is part of a series of events organised by Women on Fire. Go to A WOMAN CUBED for more information.

We’ll be inviting the presence of all the female wisdom that has ever lived. To draw in to our gathering the spirit of wise women, the grandmothers, of all cultures in all times, so that we may feel supported, loved and celebrated in our heart-felt quest for the beauty of the human spirit in female form, and to maximise on the wisdom and resources available to us in our time. We’ll be using the Earth to broadcast the frequency of our gathering… no limits, worldwide. This is a time to meet, love and support each other. To share stories, passions, projects and causes. To laugh, to sound, bare feet plugged into Earth’s current, energy running hip to hip, to be wild and glorious, joyous in our togetherness. To be WOMAN - for the benefit of ourselves, for our world and for a wiser, gentler future.

You can stay in one of a range of yurts, each with a woodburning stove, or bring your own tent. All food is vegetarian and mostly vegan. The cost is £82 plus what-you-will for the teaching (for guidance see Judith's blog Women, Money, Earth & Worth). Single day costs are £20 for Saturday and £15 for Sunday for adults to include meals and teas. Embercombe has a scale of charges too to cover children's meals (breastfed free, naturally) so please contact us separately about children. 



You can make your own way there by train to Exeter St Davids and then taxi, by car or, we are proposing to hire a coach from London so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to come by coach. The more participants, the cheaper the seats, but to get the right size vehicle booked in good time we need you to let us know SOONEST please! 




3pm gather for tea and site briefing. (Arrive any time from 2pm).  Check into yurts or erect tents.
4pm to 6pm afternoon session. This will include a practical, outdoor event whatever the weather.
7pm supper, followed by storytelling.


8am breakfast.
9.30 am morning session begins. There will be one tea/coffee break and again, an outdoor event whatever the weather.
1pm lunch.
2pm to 2.30pm final session.
3pm departure.



-  Book here for either the weekend, for the Saturday or Sunday, for adults and non-participating partners. For children, please contact Lucia.
-  Or go to http://www.womenonfire.co.uk/index.php/buy/tickets
-  We use Eventbrite and are charged booking fees which we must pass on to you this time. If you would like to pay by cheque (to arrive 7+ days in advance) please write a cheque payable to Women on Fire and send it to Women on Fire, c/-Lucia Bardoul, 74 Weydon Hill Rd, Farnham, GU9 8NY
-  Booking will close on Sunday 22nd September
-  For any queries, contact Lucia at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07881 784193. Lucia may contact you for names etc 
-  Please let Lucia know if you'd like to travel by coach
-  Please let Lucia know if you'd like to share a yurt with specific others



Camping gear if appropriate, bedlinen or sleeping bag, outdoor clothing for all weathers, a towel specially for your feet for there will be lots of barefoot activity, a big heart and a whopping sense of adventure and joy.



These don’t change. You depend on Earth and other forms of life on Earth. You are bound to Earth through gravity. You cannot breathe out (giving) without first breathing in (receiving) and you cannot live long without breathing. Receive deeply, first for yourself, and only then for the benefit of other people, for other forms of life and for Earth herself. This way lies strength, not strain.

Women on Fire

Women on Fire