Been taking time out but not time off. The yoga that I teach requires a lot of self-discipline. This isn't about practicing for hours on end but being willing to put down the personal stories that keep you from gliding into a moment of boundless stillness on one breath or in one asana. I got a bit tough a few years ago, and laid down strict terms and conditions. At the time I'd no idea if that would mean the end of the classes. Most people stayed, sharpened up and then blossomed...really blossomed. I'd love to be able to offer that on a wider scale. Those yogis, and others who have since joined, are happier and, as far as I can tell, bigger, more effective human beings. Does this process only work in small, intimate classes? I used to think so, but am now not sure.  Meanwhile, I have been running wild - literally barefoot on the Cornish cliffs - inviting perspective to come slowly from beneath my feet. It's a lovely, illogical way to get inspired. But I've failed in my own discipline to stay empty and neutral. I'm decidedly delirious with happiness, much of it in appreciation of riotous natural beauty all around. Can one ignite that same joy in others, I wonder?