Visionary founder of Women on Fire, Judith Seelig writes on various topics related to our fundamental relationship with the earth.


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    One of the drawbacks of wanting to live in the midst of ordinary life- not drawing attention to myself as a seer or shaman, not wanting people to think that the magic is made by me nor that I want to be seen as special, all of which takes away from the power of self-realisation in the person to whom I am of service –Is that the size of the gap betw ...
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  • Women, Money, Earth and Worth

    A personal note on the Women on Fire weekend at Embercombe, with perhaps wider application. Real, heart-felt gratitude is a lovely, nourishing feeling. If you allow gratitude enough time to flood your entire body, it’s possible to sink into a sumptuous wellbeing, a kind of honeyed, sensual abundance. Feeling gratitude is down to you. What do you ...
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  • time out

    Been taking time out but not time off. The yoga that I teach requires a lot of self-discipline. This isn't about practicing for hours on end but being willing to put down the personal stories that keep you from gliding into a moment of boundless stillness on one breath or in one asana. I got a bit tough a few years ago, and laid down strict terms a ...
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  • Me and Earth

      I'm writing this from my version of heaven on earth. No altered state of consciousness, just a place where the sound of the wind or the sea is accompanied by the whirring of a hundred starlings, or the chatter of house sparrows living in grass-filled tenements under my eaves. The old stone walls are crammed with wild flowers, courtesy of the bir ...
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