Women on Fire is running on generosity and the warmth of many fired up women.

It's spreading fast, kindling enthusiasm and activity in lots of wonderful women. We'd like the fire to grow in ever widening circles. If you like what you see please share with your friends and anyone in the world you think would love this kind of network.

Women on Fire is a not for profit, totally independent organisation. Would you enjoy contributing in any way?

For Women on Fire to run like wildfire we'll always need help from anyone and everyone who gets fired up reading about what we do. You could...

  • PUT us in touch with people who can bring Women on Fire to the attention of lots of women via the media and social networking
  • SPREAD the word about our events (see TICKETS). We want to offer a way of joining all women, womens' projects and causes worldwide. 
  • INVITE Judith Seelig to speak to groups of women and men
  • DONATE to Fuel the Fire... even tiny sparks help


HUGE THANKS to all those who have already gifted time, money, skills, warmth and such enthusiasm

Women on Fire

Women on Fire